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Rebecca Trade GbR

Rebecca Issue No. 89

Rebecca Issue No. 89

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Color makes you happy!

The new Rebecca issue, issue #89, has the motto: Color makes you happy! We didn't just think about the radiantly good mood that bright, strong colors convey. Also, but not only. Because colors evoke a wide variety of feelings in us. Delicate pastel tones make us feel soft and cheerful; they appeal to our playful, perhaps even girlish side. Natural tones, on the other hand, have something calming about them and radiate serenity. Clear contrasts make you alert and appear smart and sophisticated. Colors can even have something nostalgic about them, as our columnist Martina Behm notes, who is celebrating the comeback of the 80s with “Neon, Fluffy and Bat”. Blue relaxes, red awakens the spirit, green calms - the effect of color on our mood is strong and diverse. Reason enough to embark on a fashionable journey through the color worlds with the yarns from ggh and their nuanced colors!

We're starting fashion spring with light neutral tones and soft, airy yarns. Our first theme ZART shows feminine softwear in beige and pastel pink shades. Relaxed designs for fluffy sweaters, feather-light jackets and a beautiful knitted coat for moments and days when you feel like quiet tones.

If you want strong accents and clear fashion statements, the next chapter is just right for you: FASHION IN BLACK AND WHITE brings either cool white or the eternal trend color black for summery, light knit and crochet looks. Sweaters, jackets and a poncho, only the scarves combine the two non-colors effectively.

Then it gets really colorful: FLOWER COLORS are crisp, tangy and very refreshing. From floral shades of pink, blue and orange to cool citrus tones, we present knit and crochet styles in colors that make you happy. For good-mood looks with cardigans, sweaters, summer sweaters, a light scarf, dress and knitted coat made of delicate mohair, crochet poncho, knitted dresses and an oversized sweater. Oops, here I come, is the way of life, and it's fun!

Hanseatic style is noble and reserved, but doesn't take itself too seriously. We therefore have our last chapter with the Hamburg MOIN! overwritten, which matches the maritime-inspired stripe designs in navy, red and white. Sweaters for women and men, beautiful dresses and a great knitted coat – our department for new sailor yarn is clean and chic.

Four themes, four styles, four moods – and you can have them all, knitting and crocheting! Look forward to knitting and crocheting fun that will get you in the mood - exactly what you need, of course!

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