Our mission

is a

Self-service creative cafe

the special way in which one

✓ buys wool and yarns at reasonable fair prices,
✓ can enjoy a hot delicious coffee or tea ,
✓ during the lunch break feasts on a soup like mum's,
✓ by the way, if you want, continue to knit or crochet your handwork,
✓ meet and exchange ideas with other handicraft enthusiasts ,
✓ can ask questions about wool ,
✓ and just relax and enjoy the afternoon.
Man is knitting
Knitting and crocheting banners
More and more people, including men (of course!), are discovering the joy of handicrafts such as knitting, crocheting, embroidery, weaving, knotting or simply handicrafts. This hobby is a relaxing and stress-relieving activity that allows you to perfectly unwind from the stress of everyday life. A great way to share this passion with others is with a

Meeting in the middle of a wool shop


There is a separate cozy café area at Untermarkt 12 in 99974 Mühlhausen, where handicraft enthusiasts meet regularly to knit, crochet, do handicrafts or just chatter.

Ducks Wonderful Wool
Not only the latest techniques and patterns are exchanged, but also experiences and tips on materials and tools are shared with curious interested parties, but also with those returning to the trade. Usually it doesn't take long before two individual tables become a joint coffee table.
On the one hand, this offers the opportunity to make new friends and exchange ideas with like-minded people. On the other hand, you can inspire and motivate each other and help each other with difficult passages. It's nice for us to see fun and joy reflected in beaming faces. Just beautiful.

Escape the stress of everyday life

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Another benefit of knitting and crocheting together is that it's a great way to de-stress and unwind. In a cozy environment, accompanied by a cup of tea or coffee and entertaining conversations, you can completely switch off and continue with the manual work at the same time.
For those new to the world of needlework, these meetings also provide an opportunity to learn from experienced knitters and crocheters and improve their skills.
Overall, gatherings of craft enthusiasts at our café is a great way to share the joy of wool , and to support and inspire one another.
A self-service café invites you to linger over food and drinks. You can make extensive use of the warm rooms and just sit there without stress. Some of the partners of the knitting ladies have already found the transition to a nap while they are relaxing and watching. Good this way. Why not? But with that

Idea of ​​our creative café

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can become sustainable, it is of course almost vital that you as a customer actively support us and are happy to buy wool, yarns and accessories in our shop or in the online shop. This is the only way this new concept has a chance.
We are also very happy to receive feedback, suggestions and criticism.
Thank you and see you soon.